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A Paw’s Best Friend: nurturepro™ Nano Colloidal Silver

Neither the sun nor rain can stop our dogs from wanting to explore outside. And we can’t blame them; outdoor play is good for their health, after all. But because our canine friends are big balls of energy, they usually track mud and dirt wherever they go.

There are no specific guidelines on how often we should tend our dog’s paw pads, but cleaning their paws after a time outdoors is a good place to start. Dogs tend to bring some fairly nasty things from outside, which can be harmful not just to them but also to you. Plus, dirty paws can do a lot of damage to your personal things and around the house. They can leave stains, tear things, and even leave foul odors behind.

Paws are susceptible to things you may not know of unless you inspect them. When left alone, some dogs develop interdigital cysts between their toes, which can grow uncomfortable or, in worst-case scenarios, require surgery.

To get those paws squeaky clean, water alone is not enough. Bacteria and fungi may build up on your dog’s feet, making them prone to infection and itchiness. An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal spray like nurturepro™ Nano Colloidal Silver can prevent this. It’s made from 99.99% pure nano silver particles suspended in purified water. It’s also an anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory agent that’s 100% safe.

How does it work? 

For centuries, silver has been widely recognized for its efficacy in preventing infections and combating germs. Research shows that silver ions kill bacteria by attaching to them without harming other cells. Nanoparticles are so small that they are invisible, but their size allows them to enter microbes’ cell walls and eliminate them from within. Silver nanoparticles can latch onto and penetrate the cells with ease. Ionic silver is known to kill more than 650 different fungi, viruses, and bacteria. This makes sure your dog is safe and protected from harmful elements.

Colloidal silver also has no odor or toxic components. It can be taken orally to reduce gum inflammation and to treat ulcers or blisters on the mouth or lips.

For your dog’s health, it’s essential to use pure colloidal silver as a poorly produced one can have negative side effects in the body. nurturepro™ Nano Colloidal Silver has the highest concentration of silver in the pet market which is 120ppm (parts per million). The solution is stored in an amber glass bottle to prevent “tarnishing” (i.e., oxidation) the silver particles suspended in it due to prolonged exposure to light. The spray nozzle produces a misty spray that covers a larger area. When sprayed on pets, it’s gentle and does not startle them.

After a day outdoors, try nurturepro™ Nano Colloidal Silver in cleaning your dog’s paws. This multipurpose spray helps with inflammation, fungus infections, rashes, itchy areas, cuts, burns, scrapes, and more. Plus, it helps to eliminate bad odor effectively. 

Spray freely on your dog’s paws after cleaning or at an infected area two to three times daily. If the skin problem is severe, spray it five times a day, but reduce the frequency after the symptoms disappear. If symptoms persist, contact your veterinarian for advice.  You can use it as an all-purpose remedy for bacterial and viral infections and illnesses. Its alcohol-free formula won’t sting when applied to open wounds and is safe even when a small amount is ingested.

Keeping your dog’s feet clean is not only beneficial to his health, but also helps keep your home safe and clean. 

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