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Not all dry food is created equal – a nurturepro’s story of bond

A heartfelt shoutout to Noah, Crispina, and their wonderful family for graciously sharing their enchanting tale of adopting Cody with us.

For Noah and his family, welcoming a dog into their lives is not uncharted territory. Having had a pet previously, the idea of adopting a furry friend felt like a natural progression. The moment they laid eyes on Cody, the puppy’s innate charm captured their hearts. Despite his tender age, Cody exuded a gentle friendliness and calm demeanor, making the decision to bring him into the family an easy one.

In no time, Cody seamlessly integrated into the family fold. Ansel and Anders, Noah’s sons, embraced Cody as a newfound “brother,” reveling in the joy of an additional playmate. With his laid-back personality, Cody forged an instantaneous bond with every member of the family.

However, the journey with Cody was not without its trials. Upon bringing him home, Noah vividly recalls Cody grappling with a bout of diarrhea, later diagnosed as Giardiasis. Adding to their concerns, Cody experienced excessive shedding, hinting at potential skin issues. The family even resorted to an air purifier at one point to combat the shedding.

Crispina, with her keen sense of smell, noticed an unpleasant odor emanating from Cody, likely linked to his skin problems. These early challenges weighed on the family, not only out of concern for Cody’s health but also the impact on the family’s well-being.

Following a friend’s suggestion, they give nurturepro Nourish Life Grain-Free a try and chose to pick the Salmon, Menhaden, and Herring recipe which is formulated to help skin and coat condition.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. In just a week, Cody’s once-noticeable odor had dissipated, no longer a cause for concern. His fur and skin underwent a transformative improvement, catching the attention of their helper.


“I think nurturepro changed my point of view,” Noah reflects. As a seasoned dog owner, he admitted to harboring reservations about dry food. Yet, nurturepro defied those expectations. “Not all dry foods are created equal,” he concluded, highlighting the significant impact on Cody’s well-being.

Beyond the health benefits, Noah commended Nourish Life Grain-Free for its “very holistic nutrients,” acknowledging the myriad superfoods packed into the recipe. “Each ingredient contributes to our pet’s wellness,” he added appreciatively.

Before bidding farewell to this remarkable family, we sought Noah’s advice for prospective pet adopters. His response resonated with conviction, “I would happily recommend nurturepro Nourish Life Grain-Free to anyone. It’s crucial for pet owners to realize that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Despite the common skepticism surrounding dry food, I’ve witnessed the positive impact on Cody’s health, and that’s paramount for us and for Cody.”

Product Highlight:

Cody thrives on nurturepro Nourish Life Grain-Free Salmon, Herring & Menhaden recipe. Crafted from fresh salmon and enriched with healthy oils, this recipe aids in skin recovery, ensuring a luscious coat and fur for pets with long hair.

Not only that, Nourish Life Grain-Free contains 10 superfoods, prebiotics and probiotics, all selected carefully to offer a wellness benefit to our fur-pals. To read more about the product click the link here

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