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Meet Our New Grain-Free Kibbles

Change is in the air for our grain-free kibbles. As pet parents too, we understand and recognize the needs of your feline friends. That’s why we’ve updated ours, as your feedback is a vital part of our journey. 

In our commitment to giving the best to your pets, we’ve made a significant change in our kibbles. They now come in a round shape to make sure your feline friends are even happier and healthier. Each bite is a perfect fit for their needs, so they can enjoy their meals to the fullest.

We put our thinking hats on and made this change with careful thought and testing. Aside from the shape, it comes with other benefits for your beloved feline too.

Easier digestion

The rounded shape is all about helping your cat process their food better, while also reducing the chances of choking or discomfort. This is especially good for cats with sensitive tummies.

Improves dental health

The disc round shape is found to encourage cats to chew more effectively. This natural chewing action can play a significant role in maintaining better dental health. When your cat bites into our kibbles, it helps to scrape away tartar and prevent the buildup of plaque on teeth. 

Enhanced palatability

Cats are finicky eaters, but with this new shape, it’s sure to make mealtimes even more appealing. Also, cats are more fond of round shapes as they’re easy to pick up and eat. We’re positive they’ll find our new kibbles even more irresistible!

Reduced waste

With less crumbs and food waste, you’ll find that each bag of nurturepro™ lasts longer.  Your feeding area also stays clean, which means more time for playing and cuddles. It’s a double win for both you and your cat. 

As pet parents ourselves, we value the joy your furry companions bring to your life. Your feedback has guided us in making our pet food even better. We’re always happy to make changes to make sure every bite is as satisfying and nutritious as can be.

If you have questions on our new kibbles, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to help and give you peace of mind. 

Try our new grain-free kibbles here and experience the difference.

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