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Bringing Warmth to the Season: Nurturepro’s “You Buy, We Donate” Program 

Voices For Animals (VFA) – A decade of Furry Friendships 

Hi, all fellow animal lovers!  As the festive season approaches, we at nurturepro™ would like to delve into and highlight the remarkable journey of one of our partners, Voices For Animals (VFA). Founded by Derrick Tan in 2013, FVA has dedicated a decade to providing care and compassion to abandoned pets in Singapore, this includes not only dogs and cats, but also less common pets like rabbits, parrots, chickens, and even turtles.  

In Singapore, the issue of abandoned animals is a pressing concern. According to recent statistics from the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS), thousands of animals are left without homes each year, highlighting the crucial role organizations like VFA play in addressing this issue. VFA’s mission extends beyond rescue efforts; they provide essential medical care, rehabilitation, and facilitate the rehoming of animals, ensuring they find loving and responsible adopters. 

For the last 10 years, VFA has transformed the life of hundreds of animals, giving them a second chance in life, and putting them with families that would take care of them and give them the love that these furry friends deserve.  

Nurturepro & VFA – a purposeful collaboration 

Since day one, nurturepro ™ has stood as a stalwart ally to VFA. We have committed to supporting VFA by providing essential items, such as nurturepro™ Original Dog Food – which has been one of the staples for dogs in VFA shelters. Dog food has always been an important item, not only that it is required in such a big volume to fill the bellies of hundreds of our furriends, but it also needs to have the proper nutrition to help them to recover as many of them are found in not-so-perfect shape.  


As time went by, and with more new products coming into NP’s portfolio, we also added more healthcare products, such as Nano Colloidal Silver, Antibacterial Wipes, and Kefir 118 Health Supplement, all in the hope that it would help every animal in VFA to be healthy.  

Of course, these first 10 years are just the beginning. We, at nurturepro™, will be continuing our support to VFA causes to help animals for decades to come.  


Join our Compassionate Initiatives with NP 

As part of our holiday season initiative, NP is launching a “You Buy, We Donate” program to support VFA, and we would like to encourage you, our friends and customer, to be part of the program.  

For every bag of NP Original Dog Food purchased through this initiative, NP will match it kilo per kilo. This initiative will secure FVA’s food supply, enabling them to allocate resources more efficiently toward medical care, rehabilitation, and the pursuit of forever homes for their animal charges.  

Interested in making a significant impact on the lives of abandoned pets? Visit this link to participate in nurturepro’s “You Buy, We Donate” program. Your support will contribute to VFA’s mission of caring for abandoned and stray animals.  

For more information of animal welfare and additional avenues to help them, visit VFA’s Facebook page. You can also hear about their story on nurturepro’s & VFA’s social accounts. 

This program will be open until the end of January 2024, to provide a hopeful start to the new year for abandoned and stray animals in Singapore. Join us, and collectively, we endeavor to make this holiday season a haven of compassion for every creature in need. 

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